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We are a full-service Dental CPA firm based out of Orange County, California. We specialize in accounting, financial planning, and tax services for Dentists and other medical professionals. For over two decades, Phillips Accountancy Corporation has been relied upon and trusted by more than 2,000 clients in the western United States for one simple reason: we are large enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you!

Our redesigned website aims to serve as an online extension of our office, bringing your financial services directly into your home or business and enabling you to more actively participate in your financial management.

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But first, why do you need a CPA who specializes in the Dental industry? You're friends/family/neighbors with a CPA - what's the difference?

That’s a fair question, and not an uncommon one. A specialized CPA/accountant will do more than our colleagues who don’t specialize in this industry. “But what more is there to be done? What more do I really need?” The answer is, “A lot”.

Phillips Accountancy Corporation specializes in helping Dentists achieve their ultimate financial goals, and we've done so for over a quarter of a century. We subscribe to Dental Economics, The McGill Advisory, Dental Town, Dental Entrepreneur, Sidekick, and more, all for the goal of having up-to-the-minute news and fresh ideas for our clients. 

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