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The Elite Package

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Unlimited access to our expert resources, for the ultimate peace of mind. 

The ELITE Package includes everything in our Growth Package, such as:

  • Individual Income Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Business Income Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Annual tax-prep meeting
  • Mid-year tax planning meeting
  • Retirement plan review
  • Advanced tax strategies
  • QuickBooks Online subscription
  • LA City Tax preparation and filing
  • Dedicated Staff Accountant
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Consultations

The ELITE Package also includes the following:

  • Full-service accounting (you don't have to do anything other than send us statements/reports)
  • Custom, full-color reporting
  • Quarterly performance review and tax planning
  • Cash management tracking & advisory
  • Accounts receivable (AR) tracking & advisory
  • Growth tracking & advisory
  • Business goal tracking & advisory
  • Business Property Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Sales and/or Use Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Preparation of annual corporate minutes
  • Priority scheduling
  • Complimentary access to select client events


Our fees are transparentThe ELITE Package is available to single-office, single-owner practices for only $600 per month!

Additional partners are $50 per month. Additional services not listed above will be billed separately. All packaged services are processed automatically each month via ACH through our complimentary AutoPay feature. For all other services, we accept ACH, credit card, check and cash.


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