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Looking to buy a practice and need help evaluating whether it's a sound investment?

The Due Diligence review of books & records is a deep dive into the last 3-5 years of the seller's practice financials. We go line-by-line, transaction-by-transaction through bank statements, financial statements, tax returns, production/collections reports, and payroll reports in order to help you evaluate whether or not to buy the practice. If there are any red flags, we investigate them and report back to you. Our analysis for this service generally takes about 2 weeks, and at the conclusion, we’ll schedule a phone appointment to discuss our findings with you as well as provide you a written analysis.

Our fees are transparentThe Due Diligence review service fee is $1,500. To get started, fill out the form below.

Fifty percent (50%) of our service fee will be due immediately, while the remaining balance will become due upon completion. There is a fee of $500 to expedite the review process. Additional services not listed above will be billed separately. We accept ACH, credit card, check and cash.

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