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The New Professional Package

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Regulatory compliance for the present with an extra focus on strategic planning for the future.

Given the dynamics of our industry, we totally understand that creating the right professional relationships often start well in advance of actually needing those services. As a trusted advisor for healthcare professionals, we are in the right position to recommend other professionals dedicated to the dental industry ranging from dental law firms, dental banking, to dental brokers.

Our services for new professionals include:

  • Individual Income Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Business Income Tax Return preparation and filing
  • Annual tax-prep meeting
  • Mid-year tax planning meeting
  • Retirement plan review
  • Advanced tax strategies
  • Business goal tracking & advisory
  • Personal budgeting advisory
  • Student loan refinancing advisory & assistance
  • Unlimited phone & email consultation
  • Complimentary access to select client events


Our fees are transparentThe New Professional Package is only $200 per month!

The New Professional Package is offered by invitation only. To be considered for an invitation into this high-demand program, kindly fill out the form below. Please note that in order to serve our invitees better, we only invite two New Professionals each month. Additionally, there is a maximum of 60 months that a client may be enrolled in the New Professional Package.

Additional services not listed above will be billed separately. All packaged services are processed automatically each month via ACH through our complimentary AutoPay feature. For all other services, we accept ACH, credit card, check and cash.

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